Remix, Remake, Curate

Learning with the NC Museum of Natural Sciences, Tar River Writing Project, & The Poetry Project

Slam Science with Us!

We’ll host a Google Hangout on Air during each make cycle.  Join us in the hangout, watch live and tweet your questions or ideas, or watch the hangout later to see what we’ve been up to!

Make Cycle 1: Citizen Science Hangout, February 6, 2015


Make Cycle 2: The Human Soundscape Hangout, Feb 9, 2015 #ivizsci


Make Cycle 3:  Natural World Hangout, Feb 20, 2015 #inatsci


Make Cycle 4: Micro World Hangout, March 3, 2015 #imicro


Make Cycle 5:  Remix, Remake, Curate #iremixsci


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