Remix, Remake, Curate

Learning with the NC Museum of Natural Sciences, Tar River Writing Project, & The Poetry Project

Make Resources

We’ll update this page throughout the MOOC to curate and highlight helpful resource that surface as we experiment, make, and share.

Writing and Poetry Resources:

QuadBox Nature Poem Starter, adapted from Bob Tierney’s Let’s Take Another Look at Your Fish

Nature Rhythm Circle Demo led by CJ Suitt

Scientific American Best Science Writing of 2014

Turning Memories into Poems Demo by Josephus Thompson III

The #inatsci Twitter chat used Twitter to crowdsource a poem

Citizen Science Resources:

iNaturalist Explore, record, and learn about the natural world with others

Remix, Remake, Curate iNaturalist Collection for MOOC participants

Great Backyard Bird Count February 13-16, count and document the abundance and distribution of bird life worldwide

Fieldscope by National Geographic, online mapping by citizen science projects

SciStarter online database of cool citizen science projects

Scientific American citizen science resources

Gardening with Native Wildflowers to increase biodiversity

Visualizing Science: The Human Soundscape

Brainpickings – Science of How Music Ehchants the Brain

Synethesia – When Senses Mingle

Dangerous Decibles – Interactive Exhibit

How old are your ears? – Hearing Test

Hearing Pathways taught by Wendy Riggs for College of the Redwoods.

Auditory Pathways taught by Wendy Riggs for College of the Redwoods.

Emotions of Sound – Interactive site on how sound affects emotion

My Own Voice  –  Keep your own voice as synthetic speech

SoundSee – Web app for playing and recording sound created by Walt Gurley

Waves in general – MinutePhysics

Etraces – Ballet slippers that capture movement

People’s Pharmacy piece -How do hearing assistive technologies help those with hearing impairments hear

Bernie Krause TED talk -The Voice of the Natural World

How Sound Travels -Interactive site

The Phenomenon of Sound Waves – lesson plan

Incredibox – Create, Record, and Share your mix

Mmmtsss-free software for playful looping from MIT

What is sound? – Beginner science Video

Sound Facts  –  Kidscience website

Physics for Kids – Basics of Sound

Bill Nye – Sound

How your ears work – Beginner science website

Micah’s poem – Baleen Whales

52 Hertz: The Loneliest Whale in the World

Derek Paravicini – Piano Savant:How does the visualization of sound vary from person to person?

Technology for Better Hearing – People’s Pharmacy Article: How do auditory assistive technologies work?

Collecting Nature and Memory Resources:

Naturalist Lab at the NC Natural Science Museum: video of a hands-on lab space dedicated to exploring some of the thousands of specimens in the museum’s collection

Natural Science Museum’s Online Collections Database:  searchable by taxonomy and location, with mappable results

Natural Sciences Collection Management: PowerPoint explaining the role of museum collections

National Geographic or National Geographic Kids – sources for additional research on animals

Introduction to the Nature Journal from the Smithsonian

Natural History Museums TED Ed video

Taxonomy: Life’s Filing System for older students (approximately grades 6 and up)

Preview Issue of Nautilus includes an article by a neurologist about the intersection of science and narrative, Oliver Wendell Holmes’ poem “The Chambered Nautilus,” a reflection from a paleobiologist on his life in science, and more

The National Geographic Book of Nature Poetry

StoryCorps Interview: North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences: Karen Linehan and Ann Smith share nature memories

StoryCorps: A collection of told memories, searchable by topic

Audacity: free audio recording and editing software

Voki:Customize characters, backgrounds, and voices to tell a story

Thinglink: Add targets and text to create interactive images

Meme Generator: Upload an image and add text to make a meme

Pixton: Choose characters and backgrounds and add text to create comics

Bitstrips: Choose characters and backgrounds and add text to create comics

Powtoon: Choose characters, themes, backgrounds, and music and add text to create animated videos

Tellagami: Mobile app for creating animated videos

Educreations: iPad app for creating animated videos

Animoto: Online video creation and editing

WeVideo: Online video creation and editing

Floodlight: StoryBuilder allows users to tell a story through images, audio, video, text, and data

Crystal Growing and Poetry Writing Resources:

Growing crystals with borax Instructions on how to grow your own crystals with a few simple ingredients

The basics of growing crystals An explanation of how crystals work and some tips on how to grow them

Rock candy Instructable A technique for making rock candy in hours instead of days

Ice crystals on a soap bubble Video of a microscopic view of ice crystals on soap bubbles

Soap bubble freezing Microscopic view of the rainbow patterns on a freezing soap bubble

Six word poem workshop Adapted by CJ Suitt and the Sacrificial Poets

Meme generator Make your own memes with images and words, great for 6 word poems

Tagxedo  Choose shapes and fill them with words to create an image

Mozilla Thimble Webmaking and coding tool


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