Remix, Remake, Curate

Learning with the NC Museum of Natural Sciences, Tar River Writing Project, & The Poetry Project


Remix, Remake, Curate (#imakesci) is an online educational program for anyone anywhere who wants to make science and make science media with the NC Museum of Natural Sciences, the Tar River Writing Project, and The Poetry Project. Together, we will play, experiment, make, share and reflect, having a lot of fun while we develop our science literacies in a community of practicing scientists, educators, poets, and learners. The second iteration of this MOOC will be held September 19- October 15, 2015 and April 3- May 1, 2016. You are welcome to make and learn with us as much or a little as your schedule allows.  Jump in when you can or ride the entire wave.  It’s your learning.  It’s your experience.  It’s up to you.  We’ll make it together.

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During the fall and spring, two different facilitation teams of scientists, poets, and teachers will lead participants through two different two-week “make cycles.” Make cycles consist of invitations to create, produce, and make science and science media. We’ll send out a newsletter on Saturday, September 19; Saturday, October 3; Saturday April 2; and Saturday, April 16 to introduce the make cycle and provide resources that will help you (and the young people you work or play with) to make with us.  We ask that you share your making processes, your makes, your questions, and your reflections online in our G+ Community and on Twitter at the hashtag #imakesci. Please feel free to share links to your personal blogs as well if that’s where making happens for you.

Every two weeks, a new team of hard-working facilitators will take charge of the MOOC, leading participants on a science and media making journey. All along the way, we’ll be working together as agents and learner in an open experience known as a Micro/Mini/Massive (<—that part’s up to you!) Open, Online Collaboration. Educators, mentors, club leaders, after school practitioners, and parents or guardians will find the MOOC an enjoyable way to engage with young people to make science and science media. All are welcome to engage at whatever level and to whatever extent makes sense. Remake, Remix, Curate includes pathways – for making, for connecting, for sharing – that allow for greater and lesser degrees of independence and guidance. Follow a linear thread through the fall and spring iterations of this MOOC or dip a toe in at one place or another, to create a unique path.


This MOOC is made possible by an Intersections Partnership Grant award to the National Writing Project (NWP) and the Association of Science-Technology Centers (ASTC) from National Science Foundation (NSF).  The goals of this MOOC are to:

  • To use digital tools to connect scientists, poets, educators, and young people in informal STEAM learning initiatives
  • To make culturally and personally-relevant connections between science and literacy
  • To get young people and their mentors, parents, teachers, etc. involved in making and sharing science and youth-driven science media in their own contexts

Contact information


NC Museum of Natural Sciences

Chris Goforth (@dragonflywoman2), Walt Gurley (@waltgurley), Christy Flint (@Micro_World_Lab), and Collin Brammer

Tar River Writing Project

Mike Flinchbaugh (@michael_flinchm), Ashley Hutchinson (@gothutched),  Danielle Lewis (@danyelle), Rob Puckett (@puckrose), Jennifer Smyth (@ms_smyth), Michelle Simms, Debra Pagona, Rebecca Bulvanowski, and Daniel Niece (@DanielNiece)

The Poetry Project

Josephus Thompson III (@josephusIII), Micah Graves (@micah_romans), and Trey Gass III (@beatdigma), Katherine Malet, and Jha’Mai Milindez

Remix, Remake, Curate Leadership Team

Stephanie West-Puckett  Tar River Writing Project Associate Director (@fieldpeaz)

Kaytee Smith NC Museum of Natural Sciences Director of Virtual Education

Roy Campbell NC Museum of Natural Sciences Exhibit Director

Will Banks Tar River Writing Project Director (@rhetboi)

This hardworking team has designed a framework for Remix, Remake, Curate but of course, as a collaborative learning experience, it is the participants that are at the heart of this MOOC.

During the summers of 2013, 2014 and 2015, National Writing Project’s Educator Innovator Initiative launched the Making Learning Connected MOOC #clmooc with the goal of engaging people in connected learning theory by making, sharing, connecting and reflecting. A wildly successful six-week experience, #clmooc brought teachers, makers, industry leaders, mentors, administrators, among others from around the world together to re-imagine what it means to teach and to learn in the 21st century. Remix, Remake, and Curate is a remix of this model facilitated by Tar River Writing Project teachers.


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