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Make Cycle 3 Wrap-Up: The Codes of Life

We’re excited to see posts continue to come in on Google+, but it’s time to wrap up this make cycle as we prepare for the next.

We started this make cycle by extracting DNA from strawberries, and we were treated to a time-lapse video of Mike and Elliott Flinchbaugh’s home DNA extraction, as well as photos of the process from Mrs. Pagona’s students, strawberry DNA sculptures from Rob Puckett’s students, and even some images  of the DNA we extracted under a cell phone microscope. Visit  Remix, Remake, Curate on Google+ to see more.

We wrote poetry, individually and collaboratively, during our Twitter chat, in making DNA poem sculptures, and by extracting poems from articles about DNA.

Learning about DNA was a big part of this make cycle – we learned about the microscopes capable of seeing DNA, DNA media storage, dinosaur DNA at NCSU, our own Neanderthal DNA, cloned pigs, genetic modification, designer babies, and much more.

And, towards the end of this make cycle, we started exploring the ethical implications of working with DNA by imagining gene-spliced animals (is it a kion or a langaroo?) and crowdsourcing topics for articles on ethical issues in DNA.

DNA might be the path to it, but rest assured, we have no plans for this:


Rob Puckett’s Strawberry DNA meme.

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Feel free to keep extracting DNA, sharing poems, posting pictures, and slicing genes in our G+ community at any time! Feel free to jump in on this cycle if you are new or just keep going with it.  Be on the lookout for the next make cycle, on HTML coding and web making, which starts this evening.


Thanks for participating – your contributions are inspiring, and it’s been exciting to know that we’re exploring a really complex scientific concept, like DNA, with participants from elementary school all the way to college and beyond.

Make Cycle 3 Facilitators,

Christy Flint, Trey Gass, and Jennifer Smyth


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