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Make Cycle 1 Wrap Up: Porch Light Science

Wow!  Our first make cycle is almost over!  It’s been a fun two weeks and we’ve enjoyed seeing all of the great content you all have created during our cycle.  We had some interesting weather that meant that the insects and other creatures coming to lights varied quite a lot during the last two weeks, but that’s part of what makes science interesting and exciting!  Things change over time and it’s fun to be able to see that change first hand.

In case you missed it, we asked people to turn on a light at night and make some observations about what they saw and draw their favorite of the insects they saw.  Participants then wrote poems (we focused on dialogic, or two voice, poems for this cycle) about their observations.  We had some great responses!  These are some of our favorites from our G+ community:

We had a great Twitter chat on September 24th that saw a lot of people contributing to the discussion.  You can review the conversation by checking out our Storify summary of the chat.

And just today we discussed porch light insects, poetry, and science communication in our Google Hangout!  If you missed it, you can watch the Hangout here:

As a reminder, here are some places to share and connect:

  • Join our Google+ Community, Remix, Remake, Curate. Post your thoughts, questions, ideas, and especially your young people’s work here. Record student poetry, share their experiments, let them see what other kids are doing, and share feedback to their work.
  • On Twitter, we encourage you to follow and use the #imakesci hashtag. Keep using #icitsci  if you’re continuing to visit your porch light and make observations and/or poetry.
  • If you have a blog, you can make and create in your own digital space and share to the community on Twitter with the #imakesci hashtag or the G+ community Remix, Remake, Curate.

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You are more than welcome to continue visiting your porch lights, writing poetry about the things you see, and sharing them in our G+ community at any time!  We’d love for anyone who got excited about this make cycle to keep going with it.  However, next week we’re moving on to make cycle 2.  In it, you will examine the differences between spiders and insects.  If you participate in this make cycle, you’ll be able to take a lot of what you learned and observed into the next two weeks.

Thanks for participating in our first make cycle!  We are thrilled with the response and the content you have created throughout this cycle.  It was a real pleasure interacting with you all and we hope that you learned some exciting and interesting things as you explored the intersections between science, writing, and art with us!


Make Cycle 1 Facilitators

Chris Goforth, Ashley Hutchinson, Katherine Malet, Daniel Niece, and Michelle Sims

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