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Make Cycle 4 Wrap-Up: Crystallizing Growth

Make Cycle 4: Making Growing Crystal Clear

It was fitting that our make cycle focusing on our growth and the growth of crystals was interrupted by the growth of water crystals outside. We had 3 snow days during the middle of our make cycle, but we pushed on.   We still learned a lot about growing crystals and how we could relate them to our own personal growth.  We wrote 6 word poems and participated in a Google Hangout and a Twitter chat.  As the MOOC continues, you are still invited to experiment, write, remix and share what you have done on the  G+ Community.

Thanks for growing with us!!

We know there will still be more growing to come but here is a shout out to those of you that jumped on board already…

*Michael Flinchbaugh used pipe cleaners to represent DNA, and his son Elliot used pipe cleaners to represent two things combining to make one thing like hot water and borax combine to make crystals.

*Debra Pagona’s first grade and Jennifer Anderson’s fifth grade class’ participated in making crystals, and joined us in the google chat where they wrote their 6 word poem.

*We enjoyed Menna Salam’s six word poem about growth helping us flourish. Her poem paired nicely with her pipe cleaner crystal flower.

*Jullian Nguyen created a shape of a playing card considering herself the “jack of all trades.”  We loved it!

*Braxton Williams remixed his six word poem into a six word poem using Thimble. We’re so glad he introduced us to a new tech tool for our make cycle!


As a reminder, here are some places to share and connect:

  • Join our Google+ Community, Remix, Remake, Curate. Post your thoughts, questions, ideas, and especially your young people’s work here. Record student poetry, share their experiments, let them see what other kids are doing, and share feedback to their work.
  • On Twitter, we encourage you to follow and use the #imakesci hashtag. Keep using #imicro  if you’re continuing to make or share crystals and related writing.
  • If you have a blog, you can make and create in your own digital space and share to the community on Twitter with the #imakesci hashtag or the G+ community Remix, Remake, Curate.

For More Info

Coming up

The final Google Hangout will be held on Friday, March 6 at 10:30am EST.  We will be discussing ways to remix, remake and curate the MOOC.  The final Twitter chat will be held next Friday, March 13 at 10:30am EST.  This will be the last synchronous event of the MOOC but there is always time to continue making, sharing and reflecting on the G+ Community and on Twitter.


Make Cycle 4 Facilitators

Becca Bulvanoski, Christy Flint, Trey Gass, Ashley Hutchinson, and Betsey White

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