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Make Cycle 3 Wrap-Up: Collecting Nature, Science, and Memory

Nature, Adaptation, and Evolution

It seems fitting that the third make cycle of Remix, Remake and Curate, focused on collecting memories of the natural world, coincided with a major weather event, giving us even more opportunities to make nature memories. It’s not over yet – one of the advantages of a MOOC is that we can continue to share, post, and collect even after the make cycle wraps. We can adapt the MOOC to fit our own needs. The MOOC evolves.


Though we’re posting the wrap-up now, we know that more poems and memories are coming – we can’t wait to see and respond to them, but we’re also excited to see how our next make cycle, #imicro, crystallizes.

We want to thank everyone for sharing their own memories of the natural world. It was really interesting to see all of the different tools and genres these memories were shared in – video, audio, meme, slideshow, comic, journal, narrative, and more. As we continue into the next make cycle, Making Growth Crystal Clear, we hope that you will continue to share memories and write more poetry as we think about the importance of collecting specimens from both the natural world and our own memories.

We know more awesomeness is coming, but let’s take a moment to highlight some of the awesome things we’ve seen already this make cycle:


ShelbyThe MOOC evolves!

New facilitators have already started sharing new activities, tools, and challenges.  We encourage you to keep making and posting your poems and memories to #inatsci. We hope you also think of new ways to integrate technology with the natural world as you create and share on Twitter and G+. We would love for you to share your own ideas and resources to inspire others to do the same. Just use the #inatsci category in Google+ and the #imakesci & #inatsci hashtags on Twitter.  Feel free to keep exploring and collecting memories, or push ahead into the next make cycle.  This is your MOOC experience–it’s up to you!


As a reminder, here are some places to share and connect:

  • Join our Google+ Community, Remix, Remake, Curate. Post your thoughts, questions, ideas, and especially your young people’s work here. Record student poetry, share their observations, let them see what other kids are doing, and share feedback to their work.
  • On Twitter, we encourage you to follow and use the #imakesci hashtag. Keep using #inatsci if you’re continuing to make or share resources related to nature memories.
  • If you have a blog, you can make and create in your own digital space and share to the community on Twitter with the #imakesci hashtag or the G+ community Remix, Remake, Curate.

For More Info

Coming up

Check out the Make Cycle 4: Making Growth Crystal Clear (#imicro) newsletter.  We’re excited to roll out this new make cycle that focuses on seeing growth on a micro level.  As always, we’re happy to help you think through technology sticky points, fuzzy ideas, potential collaborations, and classroom implementations. Just let us know how we can help!


Make Cycle 2 Facilitators – Daniel Niece, Debra Pagona, Jennifer Smyth , Josephus Thompson III , and Steven Turner

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